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Why Do We Use the GeneratePress WordPress Theme

Why Do We Use the GeneratePress WordPress Theme at Website Builders Guide?

We are fully aware of a number of different themes available and some even having there very own framework.

In saying that there are a few reasons why we chose GeneratePress.

These include:

  • Fast & Mobile Responsive.
  • Very popular theme.
  • Fast Support Response Times.
  • In development since late 2014.
  • Easy to Use & Customize.
  • GP Premium turns you into website building Guru

The free version of the Theme is decent but to unleash the beast that lays within GeneratePress you need to upgrade to GP Premium. The price is around $50 US and if you decide to renew you get a 40% off the actual price each year.

If you don’t want the upgrades you don’t need to renew. GP Premium is a set of plugins that need to be uploaded into your plugin folder. Unless the theme itself needs an update that remains the same in your theme folder.  

Now I am not here trying to sell you this theme. In all honesty, you do what you need to do and it’s not me losing out if you decide not to. 

There are a number of websites that offer WordPress Tutorials and to be honest, as WordPress gets updated and new versions are released these tutorials become absolutely redundant. You will like I have spend hours trying to find a solution for something when you realise the solution does not work with your current version of WordPress.


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