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How To Choose The Right Domain Name


domain name

How to Choose the Right Domain Name.

Is there a specific method on how to choose the right domain?

The answer to this question really depends on what your objective is for the website in question.

Domains with No Keyword Relevance to Your Business

Domains which are not keyword related to the products you offer unless SEO optimized correctly will have a harder time being ranked for in search results.

Let’s take a look at the keyword “Runners” in Google Australia Search. Runners is Australian slang that means jogging shoes or sneakers.

The first result at the time of writing this tutorial followed with a few different websites listed on page 1 for this search term has the partial keyword “run”, “runners” or “running” in the domain name.

The 2nd or so search result is for the Australian Business Rebel Sports and on page 2 you can see Adidas and Rebook ranking for this keyword. These 3 websites do not have the search term “run”, “runners” or “running” in their domain name. However, they either have implemented search optimisation techniques targeting these keywords or:

  • Their customers are using these keywords when creating a link with the keyword “run”, “runners” or “running” on a website, forums or on social media linking back to this website.
  • Or these keywords are used when writing a review or placing a comment.   As an example, it could be something like I just bought these cool runners from Rebel Sports or I sure do love my Adidas runners.

These are 2 methods where a search bot can relate and link the search term to your website in search results.



Keywords in Domain Names

This is the method I always suggest to anyone setting a website.

Heres why.

If you have:

  • A domain name with only the main keyword in the domain. eg socks .com
  • Quality written content.
  • SEO optimized webpages.

Your website then has a faster and better opportunity being listed higher in search results for the search term “socks” compared to a website with a domain that has no keywords related to the search term “socks”.

One thing that has not changed since the late ’90s is the importance of keywords being in a domain name SEO wise and in my opinion, these keyword-rich domains have an advantage.

This is especially true if you are a small business owner who does not have a large budget for a paid marketing blitz in search engine results and on social media for building your brand awareness.

A large corporate company that names itself after a vegetable with the vegetable name in the domain but specialises in making high tech TV’s, for example, won’t have an issue. This is because its customer base will be partially helping with the websites search engine optimization by providing backlinks via product reviews & product related help through different forums, youtube & social media. These are highly rated SEO techniques their customers are actually performing without them realizing.  Also, a large corporate business has a marketing team with an ongoing marketing budget to build their brand awareness via advertising and social media marketing campaigns.

Finding Domain Names with the Right Keyword Options

Option 1. When registering a domain your first objective should be to have the main keyword in the domain name even, if it’s not your business name.

If your niche is selling socks, for example, your number 1 objective would be to have a domain with the only word being socks followed by its extension such as .com.

Since the main keyword is part of your domain this gives your website maximum top authority recognition by the search engines and helps greatly with SEO.  This though also depends on the quality of your content and how well your website is search engine optimised.

This, however, today is a much harder task to achieve since the internet is more than 25 years old and the number of domain names already registered.

This technique though can still be used in developing countries.

Option 2. Use a key finder tool and perform a keyword search analysis on how to choose the right domain name. The data is collected and collated from actual search engines results via what people have searched for.

Here is an example.

Let’s say your Business product is selling socks and the domain socks .com is taken.

What you can do is do a keyword search for the keyword socks.

Your criteria in searching for this keyword would be:

  1. To find a keyword combo that makes sense with the word socks in it.
  2. A keyword combo with at least 1200 plus searches a month. The more searches the better.
  3. A keyword combo that has very little competition.
  4. A domain name available for this keyword combo.

If you find a search term that matches all 4 criteria mentioned above then you have found yourself a Website Business opportunity.

Heres why.

The search term coloured socks has:

  • Very little competition.
  • 1200 searches per month.
  • Domain colouredsocks .com is available.

Once you setup this website with quality content and have it search engine optimised your website is ready.

Within 12 months this website should be ranking in the top 3 search results of the first page. This would be for the search term “coloured socks”.

This means people searching for coloured socks will come across your website where they place orders and your Business starts making money.

And this is the secret to Internet success for any small Business Owner.

This is why the domain name and decision made around this is the most important decision you will need to make.

I operate a small business in Australia and this is the process I have followed which has worked as expected.

My history with How To Choose The Right Domain Name

I set up my first web-based business back in the late ’90s here in Australia. I can tell you right now it was a mission. We had no Paypal and getting a credit card facility for web orders was near impossible because no one really in the Banking sector back then had any idea about the internet.

It would work like this.

  1. Advertise the Business in a PC magazine with a website set up in RAW HTML.
  2. Have a paging service with a personal assistant answering your calls under your Business name.
  3. The receptionist would take the order, page me the details of the order and I would send these off via COD via our local postal service.

The domain name I used was not related to what I sold and getting ranked in search results was a bit harder.

I then set up my 2nd Business. The focus was to have the keywords in the domain.  I managed this Business fulltime that was set up in 2009 and have been managing ever since.
In between, I would build a variety of websites for different people with keyword-rich domain names and have these optimized for the search engines as well using this technique. The keywords found in my current Business domain name are the exact words that describe my Business. Because these keywords are in my domain name and the website has an excellent search engine optimised content this is what has helped me in the past decade with where this website ranks.

Thankyou for viewing this article.