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How To Change the WordPress Upload Size – Website Builders Guide

How to change the WordPress Upload Size should not be a difficult process. But I was wrong as I have experienced.

I found so many solutions that simply do not work in today’s version of WordPress.

wordpress upload exceededAll I wanted to do is add a cool movie to the front index webpage and each time I attempted an upload I got that stupid error that reads something like Your File Exceeds Maximum Upload Size.

Did I find a solution? Yes. I even got so excited I stopped doing what I was doing and decided to write this page to share the solution with you.

Here is what DID NOT WORK for me and my hosting is on my very own VPS account

  • Adding 3 versions of code found on 3 DIFFERENT websites into the .htaccess file – Result FAIL.
  • Creating a PHP.ini file and placing some code from a website. The same code being pedalled by a few websites – Result FAIL
  • Altering the wp-config.php and adding a few lines of code. Same code I found a few different websites offering this as part of there solution. – Result FAIL

The coding I found for the 3 attempted fixes above were similar or identical on a number of different websites.

How To Change the WordPress Upload Size – My Solution

I eventually thought to myself surely there is a plugin that can do this and sure enough I found one.

This solution is a 2 step process. The plugin changes the WordPress file upload size limit. Then you need to change your php file size upload limit.


The plugin I ended up using is called Wp Maximum File Size. The plugin works really well. It’s fast and easy to install, no adware and there are 7 upload file size options you can choose from.

These are 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB and 1GB upload file options you can choose from.


Task accomplished, As you can see in the below image the maximum upload size changed from 2MB to 128MB.

Mximium File Upload Size


Next login into CPanel and follow the steps below.



  1. Click on the MULTIPHP INI Editor.
  2. Choose Home Directory (under configure PHP INI basic settings title).
  3. Near the bottom of the page where the arrow is pointing in the image below under upload_max_filesize change this to the same file upload size to the plugin.

At this point in time, I have only used whm/cpanel since 1997. If you are using a different control panel then look for a MultiPHP INI Editor or contact your WebHost to change this for you.


I hope this has helped you if you are encountering the same issues as I was having.

Thankyou for viewing this article.

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