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How to Change Leave a Comment Text in WordPress

If you are like me and you are wondering how to change the leave a comment text in WordPress then this article may help.

After 2 hours of website searching and trying out different codes and techniques I gave up.

Simply because these solutions were not working. I even downloaded a plugin that was supposed to help but did not.


change leave a comment text

This made me realise how much outdated and redundant content there is out there.

I did get close in finding a solution though by using the following code I created as a WordPress Plugin.

Basically all I needed to do was create a folder in my WordPress plugin folder via FTP then create a file that ends in .PHP and then I added the following code and saved the file.

Via the plugin section in WordPress, I activated the plugin.

WARNING Code did not work and turned my backend browser screens WHITE. I even increased the ram which did not help.

 * Plugin Name: Change Leave Comments Text
 * Plugin URI:
 * Description: A Simple Way to Change Leave Comments Text.
 * Version: 1.0
 * Author: 
 * Author URI: */
add_filter( 'generate_leave_comment','tu_custom_leave_comment' );
function tu_custom_leave_comment() {
    return 'Feel free to join the topic conversation by adding your reply below. Your e-mail address is not visible. Thank You';

In case you are wondering I am not a fan of making changes to the theme PHP files. The reason being is if you update the theme you then lose the changes.

So what was my Solution to editing the Text Leave a Comment?

I needed to remove the leave a Comment text and find a way to add more text in place of Leave a Comment.

My solution involved a 2 step process using some CSS code and the GeneratePress theme GP Premium.

Step 1 – The first was to hide the text from showing throughout the website using css code.  In my GeneratePress theme customizer under the custom css tab I added the following.

Like magic, the text disappeared.

.comment-reply-title {

display: none;

Step 2 – My thought process was around maybe being able to add the text manually by manipulating the theme. This is why GeneratePress is so awesome because you can change the elements of the theme through WordPress not by changing code.

Generatepress Elements


So I clicked on the Elements tab as you see above.  This brought us to the screen you see in the below image.

change leave a comment text


From here I added the new text I want to appear in the comments section of my posts. I then chose the position where I wanted this text to appear which was in the inside_comments section.

generatePress elements location

All I needed to do now is click on the update button and refresh my web browser to see my changes.

wordpress new comments title

As you can see here the change Leave a Comment Text in WordPress has been changed. The awesome part about this is that I could add a link if I wanted to here as well such as a disclaimer link without effecting any coding.

Now next time when you need to update the theme the above changes will remain in place.

The GeneratePress theme GP Premium costs $49.95. What you decide to do is your choice. The purchase allows you to install these to as many websites as you want.

If you decide to upgrade it a year down the track you receive a 40% discount.

With the features this theme offers you to do its awesome value and has solved many issues.


Thankyou for viewing this article.

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