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What is WordPress Update

A WordPress update allows you to update your current version of WordPress software currently running on your website to the new version that is available.

WordPress is the most used Content Management System today and has had this mantle since its launch back in 2003.

Why do we need to update WordPress?

There are a few different reasons why updates are needed which include:

Performance Improvements – This one is self-explanatory.

Bug Fixes – When a bug is found within the code of the WordPress files.

New Features – If a new feature has been added or current features have been updated.

Security Improvements – Everyone has the ability to access the WordPress PHP files due to the software being open source. There are 2 ways a hacker can hack into a WordPress website. The first is by studying the code and looking for vulnerabilities which may give them the ability to hack into someone’s website. The development team is always looking out for coding vulnerabilities hence if something was found then it would be corrected in an update which would prevent this from happening.

There is a large portion of websites that use WordPress so finding this vulnerability in the coding is always a priority. If websites are down due to a hack for a small period of Time then can affect your search engine rankings.  In some cases and depending on how long it took to discover how long your website has been offline you may witness having your webpages drop out of the search results which may take some time for them to get ranked backup.

Performance improvements can always be made and for this to occur a WordPress update is required.

The 2nd way a hacker can hack into a website is through a Plugin vulnerability.