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What is mb in gb converter

This is basically a way to calculate how much data of a particular item you can have stored on a hard drive or USB stick that has a limit size.

Let’s say that your iPhone has a capacity of 32 Gb and its brand new phone.

Now when need to subtract some storage space for the operating system.

Let’s say this is 5 GB. Then you are left with 27GB of hard drive space.

Now you’re going to ask the next question. How many photos can I store on my iPhone?

This depends on the photo file size.




GB (binary, also GiB) MB (binary, also MiB)
4 GB 4,096 MB
8 GB 8,192 MB
16 GB 16,384 MB
32 GB 32,768 MB
64 GB 65,536 MB
128 GB 131,072 MB
256 GB 262,144 MB
512 GB 524,288 MB
1,024 GB 1,048,576 MB
2,048 GB 2,097,152 MB
4,096 GB 4,194,304 MB
8,192 GB 8,388,608 MB
16,384 GB 16,777,216 MB
32,768 GB 33,554,432 MB
65,536 GB 67,108,864 MB
131,072 GB 134,217,728 MB
262,144 GB 268,435,456 MB
524,288 GB 536,870,912 MB