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What is CSS

Synonyms: Cascading Style Sheets

CSS stands for cascading style sheets. A css style sheet is a file with the extension .css.

This file contains design elements for every part of your website which resides on your hosting account or server.

As you load a website via your browser the website will appear on how it was designed via the cascading style sheet depending on the browser you are using and how it interprets the css file.

This was an issue from when it was introduced in 1996 to a few years later when things started to change.

Why? The stylesheet needed to be supported by the web browser you were using at the time.

If you were using a web browser with limited support then the website you are viewing would not load and show how it was designed to look like.

Today there are css standards in place and some workaround for different browsers.

The website style can be added in between the header tags of a webpage or better still via a css file that I linked to every webpage.

What does a CSS Style look like?

Below is one that can be added between a your webpage’s header tag. This changes the style of the border you are using on the webpage.

<style> {
border-style: solid;
border-width: 5px;