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What is Bandwidth

Synonyms: Data Transfer

Bandwidth simply means the amount of data being used when transferring data from your website to a website visitor. This occurs in lightning speeds during the transfer of your website in the form of data packets.

If your website does not have enough bandwidth then:

  • You will be notified and asked to upgrade plans.
  • Or your website will be suspended.

So how do I calculate the Bandwidth I need for my website?

You need to know 3 things before you are able to calculate how much your website needs.

These are:

  1. Visitor Total per Month.
  2. How many webpages will each visitor view.
  3. average webpage size.

First workout your page size on average. calculate the image sizes and text you have on a page.

Let’s say on average this is 2MB.

Let’s presume your website is averaging 2500 visitors a month and on average they will visit 4 webpages.

Let’s do some maths.

2500 x 2 x 4 = 25,000MB or 25 GB

So for this example, your website will need 25Gb of Bandwidth per month.

Is there a way of checking my bandwidth?

Yes. Most hosting control panels should give you an option.

Let’s take a look at the available option in CPanel.

1st log in to your CPanel account.

The 4th header down titled Metrics should have a bandwidth link available as per the image example below. Click on that link.

cpanel bandwidth check

bandwidth usage graph

What Does Unlimited Bandwidth Mean

I can remember hosting companies going back into the late ’90s offering unlimited hosting packages and nothing has changed today.

What actually is being offered and what actually ends up happening are 2 different things.

My opinion is that:

  • Unlimited bandwidth generally is used as a marketing tool to gain new customers.
  • A majority of websites being hosted on these plans are small and will not exceed the limit.

Going back the last 25 years if the majority of websites on these plans were exceeding the limit then the unlimited option would not be available today and hosting plan options would be different.

If you are shopping for a web host your best option is to choose a plan that has limits set so this way you know where you stand rather than being in a position of expectation.

Its an option I believe is used as a selling point and an option that does not exist. Not available in the sense of When you take a look online with different hosting providers there are many that offer unlimited options. The reason they do this is because in a majority of cases the websites taking on these hosting options are small and never