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What is Backlinks

A backlink is a link from one webpage to another.


Why Use Backlinks?

Let’s say for example your website is based on how to bake bread.

Your website may have different webpages on bread baking. These may include webpages for recipes and baking utensils or equipment needed.

So as you create your Recipe page within that page you may add utensils needed. On that recipe page, you would place a link on or near “utensils needed” so when clicked the website visitor is taken to this page where they can gain a larger hindsight about baking utensils.

Another example is this link. If you click on that link it going to take you back to our main webpage.

Backlinks & SEO

When a website with quality content links to your website that makes some search engines believe that your website is an authority on your website subject matter.

This gives you a bigger boost with the search engines when the website linking to yours has high-level domain authority.