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What is Admin Backend

Synonyms: Admin, Backend, CMS, Content Management System

Content Management Systems

All content management systems like WordPress have a section that manages the website content.

This part of the website is not accessible for your website visitors.

wp login screen

You need login details to access this section of your website where all administrative duties are carried out.

This is where you can create and delete pages and posts. Add new images to your image library, change the design layout and add other cool stuff your website may need.

With a WordPress site, the URL is generally

Shopping Carts

Shopping carts also have an admin backend section. The tasks performed are slightly different to a WordPress website and more focused on managing an e-commerce website.

You can edit, delete or add new products, make orders as completed and dispatched, cancel orders, add more pages and so on.

To manage either website today by using an off the shelf product these will all come equipped with an Admin Backend.