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GeneratePress Theme for WordPress Review by WBG

GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that is free and truly amazing to use which includes
a WYSIWYG-front end customizer.

More about this further down this webpage.

There is a support forum that is monitored by several team members.

The replies to questions and help topics is generally quick.

Other Promoted Features by the Developer Include:

  • Independently reviewed coding by experts in the WordPress community.
  • Less than 30kb file size which has very fast load times.
  • Only uses vanilla javascript coding where needed.

What Does GP Premium Offer?

  • A set of powerful plugins where you can change the design layout.
  • Switch on or off the modules visible in your customizer.
  • Alter any part of your website within the elements section.

A more in-depth look.

Modules – Deactivate any of the modules you don’t want anyone to alter via the front end Customizer.

These could be your content creators and so on. You can do this in the modules tab as you can see in the image below.

All you need to do is click on the deactivate link for the module you don’t want to be visible from the Customizer.

GeneratePress Modules

Score 10/10

Elements Section

The elements section enables you to change parts of your website.

This can be by adding extra text or images to a page, post or sitewide.

Some examples include:

  • Placing a hero banner on a particular page or post or site-wide.
  • Adding a nav menu on a particular page or post or site-wide.
  • Altering the page width to full width on a particular page and add an image slider across the page.

You can do all of the above-mentioned things plus much more with the Elements feature of GP Extreme.

Here is one example I need to accomplish recently.

I wanted to change the title above your comments text area. What do you do?

Search an hour or more on your favourite search engine with possible solutions found are all outdated and don’t work on your current WordPress version?

change leave a comment text


GP Premium Modules

Let’s see how quickly we can do this with GP Extreme modules.

First click on the Elements tab.

Generatepress Elements


Next give your element a title and add some code.

You can add PHP or HTML code. If adding PHP code make sure you click on the execute PHP tick box.

Next, find out where you want this text to be added.

change leave a comment text


Now choose where you want this text to be visible in your website.

generatePress elements location

All I needed to do now is click on the update button and refresh my web browser to see my changes.

wordpress new comments title

And just like that, your changes have been made throughout the website or where you wanted the change to be applied.

If you want to change the Leave a Comment text on your website please see the full workaround here.

If you want to see another example see how we simply added a hero banner across our website. This is one powerful feature where you can apply different types of changes to certain parts of your website, webpages or posts.

Score 10/10

Site Library

There are over 25 theme styles you can add to your WordPress website.


GeneratePress Theme



Score 9.5/10

The theme itself is FREE to download and use.

You have a choice to purchase GP Premium which is a powerful suite of plugins that unleashes the beast within GeneratePress.

The upgrade only costs $49.95 for unlimited website installations.

What Happens If I Don’t Renew?

You will no longer receive access to the updates and you will not be able to install GP Premium on any more websites.

What are the Customizer Options Available?

Let’s discuss the free version. Once installed all you need to do is log in to WordPress visit the from main page and click on Customize.

Generate Press Customize Link

From here you are taken to the Customizer as you can see below. From here you can make al the changes you need. You can change just about everything about your WordPress websites design.

Changes You Can Make in Customizer

You can change your:

  • Logo.
  • Favicon.
  • Website Layout.
  • Colours for your complete website.
  • Change your font type through the Typography link.
  • Manage your header and the way your menus look.
  • Add text in your footer or above in the menu in the header.
  • You can add custom CSS.
  • Add how many widgets you want added and you can add content inside of these from customizer itself.
  • And you can add custom CSS to change certain parts of your website from the customizer as well.

generatepress customizer

Let’s take a look a little more in-depth.

GeneratePress Site Identity

Anything related to the identity of your website is changed here.

You can add:

  • A title for your website.
  • A tagline.
  • Logo with an ability to change its size.
  • A website icon that sits in the web browser.

generate press identity

The Layout Tab

The Layout tab lets you change layout through your website. such as:

  • Content container
  • Header.
  • Main navigation.
  • Sidebars.
  • Footer layout.
  • Blog layout.

There are many many features within the layout section you can change and give your website a custom look.

Generatepress Layout

GeneratePress Colours

GeneratePress Colors

Typography Layout

The below image is a small section of what’s available.

The Typography changes can be made for your content, H1, H2 and H3 title tags.

You can change the types of font, and the weight of the font which is how bold or light you want your text to appear.

From this panel you can change the font sizes, line height and paragraph margins.



GeneratePress Typography


General & Menus layout

General Tab

Load essential icons by choosing an icon type.

Combine CSS and to cache dynamic CSS.

With the menu tab as you can see in the below image, you can assign pages to your menu system.

GeneratePress Menu

Widgets Section

What can you add to the widget sections?

  • Post Archives.
  • Calendar.
  • Categories.
  • Custom HTML.
  • Display Image.
  • Navigation Menu.
  • Pages.
  • Recent Comments.
  • Search Bar.
  • Tag cloud.
  • Text and video.

Homepage Settings

You can change which displays as your main index page or you can choose to have your latest posts to show up here.

Additional CSS

With this feature, you can add custom CSS code targeting parts of your website you want to change the look and feel to.

To download the GeneratePress theme pls click here.

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